Olive Garden Menu Prices

Olive Garden is a popular Tuscan inspired restaurant that offers an affordable menu in a family atmosphere. It has excellent food at prices that you may not expect. While everyone else raised their prices Olive Garden took a different approach to maintaining through the times, and that approach is to keep it affordable.

There are things available like unlimited soup and salad with breadsticks for around $10. You can also get full meals from $10 to $19 each off of the menu. You have a wide variety of options from the menu selections including appetizers, Kids meals, healthy foods and even pizzas.


All menu selections are priced very reasonably for the portion size and food quality. The appetizers run from $6 to 10$.


Specials may vary, but there are always very affordable deals to be found at the local Olive Garden in your area. With almost 800 locations is not going to be hard to find an establishment near you.


What makes Olive Garden menu prices so awesome is the fact that the foods you order are all inspired of authentic Italian cuisine. Also, a large portion of their proceeds go to helping the communities.


Some of their sponsorships are listed below:



In the ‘90’s Olive Garden was growing at rapid rates, and even then they were prices alongside lower end establishments. They have tried to maintain affordability while offering a higher end family experience to its diners. That did mean that Olive Garden menu prices raised a little over the years, but it is still very afford-ably priced when compared to competitors like Carrabba’s.


Olive Garden menu prices are the most competitive amongst the lower to middle ranked Italian restaurant chains nationwide. Their food is just as good as their higher priced competitors, but their marketing strategy is to keep it as affordable as possible while still seeing growth and profit.


With their efforts to better the communities it also gets them more favor among the masses. Olive Garden is a family type organization that really cares, therefore people are drawn to it. With the prices remaining affordable it gains loyal followers, and that goes down through each generation.


So when it comes down to Olive Garden menu prices, you won’t be disappointed. Even with the cost of living becoming more and more expensive and all of the events that are causing competitors to raise their prices Olive Garden is trying to maintain that stability for its patrons, and for that reason they will keep you coming back to their warm and inviting atmosphere and excellent menu choices.
You really should take a look at what they have to offer. Many people are turned off to Olive Garden thinking it will be too expensive, but that is simply not the case. As a matter of fact you can see for yourself. To view an Example of Olive Gardens menu you can follow this link. To find an Olive Garden near you click here.


Olive Garden Lunch Special

Olive Garden is a Tuscany inspired Italian restaurant that maintains affordable pricing while using fresh, quality ingredients. There are allergen/gluten free options, kid’s options and healthy choices available on their menu.

Olive Garden Hours: The restaurant opens at 11 am and lunch hours are over at 4 pm. There is no lunch menu available on weekends or holidays. These are the basic standards for all franchises, but some details may vary from one location to another. You can click here to find the location nearest you.

On the basic lunch menu prices range from $3.50 to $12.00, with the exception of the Tour of Italy which runs around $17 . Again, these are details that may change according to location.

You can sign up for the newsletter, like Olive Garden on Facebook and check your local papers for coupons and promotional offers.

Olive Garden has almost 800 locations throughout the US and Canada with an ever-growing chain of restaurants being established.  This is a community oriented business that supports a number of charities and scholarship programs.

Like the Italian people, Olive Garden wants to create foods that stimulate the senses. With true Italian food it is a see, taste and smell experience, and it takes exceptional abilities to create a dish like that. Olive Garden chefs have mastered the art of creating authentic Italian foods while capturing the essence of Tuscany and its culture.

The Culinary Institute of Tuscany teaches Olive Garden chefs to love the food they prepare. It is an art and an honor. These are people with a true passion for what they do, so lunch at Olive Garden is a big deal for a small price. So, break for lunch at Olive Garden and you may be pleasantly surprised at the qualities and the flavors awaiting you there not to mention the savings! The portions aren’t too shabby either. You can look forward to finding something on Olive Garden’s lunch special menu that everyone will love. With Olive Garden’s unlimited soup or salad and breadsticks being served with most entrees, no one leaves hungry.

So, every day at Olive Garden is like getting a lunch special with its affordable pricing, large portions and great food. You can also ask about the $6.95 create your lunch combo to see if that promotion is available in your area. There is no coupon needed and it d=features an entrée with unlimited breadsticks. The entrée coices are Grilled Steak and Portobello Half Panini, Pizzaiola Calzone, Grilled Chicken Half Flatbread, Caprese Half Flatbreat and Grilled chicken Caprese or Florentine Half Panini.


You may also want to consider the excellent soup selections at Olive Garden. This with the unlimited bread sticks is a lunch special all in itself.

There is no shortage of savings with the restaurant  if you are looking for a specific Olive Garden lunch special item it may be as easy as going to your local store and asking for a lunch menu.